Arjun joined Box & Charnock’s apprenticeship scheme as a trainee plumber after successfully passing a two week trial as part of the Berkeley Homes job creation scheme in which he was given the opportunity to ‘try out’ plumbing as a possible career choice.

“The trail gave me an opportunity to see whether plumbing was something that I wanted to train do to properly and also whether Box & Charnock were the right company for me to work for.  Fortunately over the two weeks, I realised that the answer to both questions was yes,” said Arjun.

No two days are the same for Arjun as he is gaining experience in all aspects of plumbing and that is one of the things he likes about the job.  “Every day is different which means I am learning all the time. I especially like installing the copper work as it challenges me and I really like soldering work.”

“I am currently doing second fixes in the bathrooms and I am always working alongside someone who will check my work to make sure it is up to standard as we go along.”

Arjun’s biggest achievement to date has been installing bathrooms and HIU under controlled supervision. “As an apprentice you often make mistakes as you are still learning and there is so much to learn. So I was really pleased when I installed the bathroom and HIU components and my line manager said it was a good effort at this stage of my career development.”

“Box & Charnock are patient and friendly, they want us all to succeed and help us when we make mistakes,” said Arjun. “I realize I have a great opportunity to learn a trade which is well paid and which will give me a skill for life. Everyone needs a plumber at some point so as long as I work hard and pass my exams then I will always be in work.”

When Arjun is not working for Box & Charnock, he enjoys playing snooker as well as socialising with family and friends.

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