Cameron is an apprentice plumber with Box & Charnock, joining the company in August  last year and currently working on Taylor Wimpey’s City Mills site in Haggerston, London.

Over a timescale of approximately 6 years, the Haggerston project will see 480 poor quality flats replaced by a total of 761 new properties and this will include a mixture of private and affordable apartments and family homes.

As an apprentice plumber, Cameron is keen to learn the trade so he can get on with what he enjoys doing best, working independently. “When I feel confident in what I am doing, then I tell my manager and as long as my work is up to standard then I am encouraged to work on my own tasks with little supervision. My work is always checked by a qualified plumber, but I like the fact that I am trusted enough to work by myself on some tasks, it motivates me to work harder,” said Cameron.

Cameron is already a qualified Level II plumber but joined Box & Charnock to improve his all-round experience in the industry. “Although I was already qualified I did not have the necessary experience that I needed, so Box & Charnock have helped me address that and hopefully if all goes well then I will be able to go on to do the Level III NVQ qualification next year.”

A typical day for Cameron might include first fixing domestic or heating systems or working on first fixes within bathrooms or kitchens. “I realise that I have a great opportunity to learn a decent trade and for that I am very grateful.”

Cameron is a keen sports fan outside work and enjoys socialising though he also likes to save his hard earned pennies!

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