Jack originally went straight from school to a local college where he spent two years learning practical plumbing skills as part of a City & Guilds qualification.   In 2015 Jack joined the Box & Charnock apprenticeship plumber scheme and is now based at the Redrow Homes’, Abode development of 3 bedroom homes at St Neots, Cambs.

“Although I am working towards a NVQ level 2 qualification with Box & Charnock, I do not have to attend college on a day release basis as a lot of apprentices do because I have already completed a two year further education course in plumbing,” explained Jack.  “I spend the whole week on site putting into practice what I have previously learnt whilst at college.”  Jack’s progress is monitored by a NVQ assessor through regular site visits.

Jack works alongside an experienced plumber, one of the many qualified plumbers on site at any one time. “Working with so many other plumbers means there is a great opportunity to learn new ways of doing things that perhaps suit you a bit better.”

“My time at college has given me greater understanding  of plumbing basics and now I am working on the wet side of plumbing  on site it really helps me understand how things work and why we do things in a certain way..  My goal is to finish this current module by the summer of this year.”

“Box & Charnock is a very supportive company to work for.  There are plenty of qualified plumbers to ask and they are really keen to help us all qualify and do all they can to help us.”

Jack feels that the time spent at college prior to starting work “helped me decide that plumbing was the right career choice for me.”

“I really enjoy being on site.  I really can’t see me changing what I do. It’s a job for life and I really love it.”

Jack spends his time out side work riding his motorbike and he also enjoys swimming.

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