Lewis Riley


Lewis is one of Box & Charnock’s newest recruits, joining the company in September 2014 on a three year plumbing apprenticeship.

“The great thing about the apprenticeship is that I am earning as I am learning”, said Lewis.“ I am gaining real hands on experience on site every day which is helping me learn the trade and I have received a decent wage from day one. I have the best of both worlds,” said Lewis.

Lewis is based at Bellway Homes’ Willow Green site in Cranfield, Beds and works under the watchful eye of Aren Nevzat, an experienced, fully qualified plumber who himself started out as an apprentice with Box & Charnock 15 years ago.

“Aren gives me specific tasks to do which he checks before the job is signed off. I recently completed a first fix, drilling through joists, putting in pipework and undertaking pressure testing and it received the thumbs up from Aren so I was very pleased to have achieved that on my own, it gave me confidence in my ability to complete the next job to the necessary standard.”

Lewis attends college one day a week as part of the apprenticeship. “At college we really learn about the theory such as why we do things in certain. We also cover all the health and safety rules and regulations which are complex but very important.”

“One of the main things I like about my job is that I get to work on so many different things over the course of the week. Some of my mates at college just fix boilers or install bathrooms all day, but for me, no two days are ever the same. I am learning so much more and the variety keeps the job interesting.”

Apprenticeships are offered initially on a two week trial basis in order to make sure that there is a ‘good fit’ between apprentice and employer. “We both had a chance to see if we could work well together and I am pleased to say that after the trial I was offered the apprenticeship.”

“I have been told that one of the most important things is to want to learn the trade, to have an enthusiasm and the right mind set. Having seen what Aren has accomplished since he joined the company and the way that the Pathways programme has supported him really motivates me to want to succeed too.”

Interests outside work: playing hockey for Bedford; cycling; socialising.

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