Sam Gaffney


At just seven months in to a three year JTL electrical apprenticeship with Box & Charnock, Sam is just loving the work at a company where he feels he can “build a future career.”

Sam is based at Wates’ Drakes Place, Aylesbury where Box & Charnock are providing a full mechanical and electrical installation in a development of 2 and 3 bedroom houses and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in this historic market town.

Sam starts work at 8.00 am and has recently completed a first fix, installing interior electrical services to some of the properties on the site.

“I was very proud to fit the electrical sockets, put in the wiring and clipping on my own, especially as my supervisor checked the work afterwards and it was all up to standard”, said Sam.

Sam learns the skills of the trade and gains hands on experience on site and attends Mander College, Bedford one day a week where he is taught all the theory required for the apprenticeship.

The college course will run for three years and it is here that Sam will gain all the knowledge he needs to install, maintain and repair electrical services both inside and outside buildings. The course also covers other areas such as how to work with other trades on site; health and safety responsibilities plus conditions of employment such as income tax, national insurance, holiday and sickness pay.

When on site Sam has a supervisor who helps him organise the working day and gives him specific tasks to complete. “I like the fact that I have now developed my skills to a level where Andrew lets me work independently and use my own initiative. I can select the right materials and tools for the job too. My work is always checked but he trusts me to get the job done well. To have my work assessed and pass the standard needed is a great motivator and really encourages me to stay focused and work hard.“

In time Sam will learn to read building and engineering drawings and to understand wiring and circuit diagrams. “I realise that I am just at the start of my career and still have a lot to learn but I know that Box & Charnock’s Pathways initiative will support me through my apprenticeship. I can see that there is a clear career path for apprentices with the right attitude and capability. In a few years, I could be using all the knowledge and experience I have gained in a very different role within the company. I have an opportunity here which I want to make the most of.“

Interests outside work: Snowboarding; basketball; guitar; gym and fitness training.

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