The going gets tough in Tanzania

You might remember that Steve Box and Jim Stokes are currently cycling 350 km across Tanzania to raise money for the Keech Hospice children’s ward.

At day four into the trek, we heard from a very weary sounding Jim.  Apparently the guys are finding it a huge challenge, mainly because they are cycling on tough, dirt track roads in extremely high temperatures.

I am sure you will agree that to complete the trek would be no mean feat in good conditions but in 36 degree heat it becomes quite a test of physical and mental endurance.  The pic shows a typical unmade road in the Kilimanjaro area, where the adventure began earlier this week.

All the best to Steve and Jim for the remainder of the cycle route.

How you can support Steve and Jim in Tanzania

If you feel you are able to make a donation to help support Steve and Jim and to raise much needed funds for the children at Keech Hospice then please make your donation to our Foundation pay pal account – or send a cheque to head office made payable to ‘The Box & Charnock Foundation’

All donations would be very gratefully received.


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