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Keech Hospice, charity cycle trip, Tanzania

Back in old Blighty after charity cycle trip

Steve Box and Jim Stokes are now safely back from their 350 km charity cycle trip across Tanzania – and boy was it tough! The distance was one thing, but add to the mix the long and steep mountain passes, very poor terrain; dusty dirt tracks, distinctly tired loan mountain bikes and temperatures of 35 […]


The going gets tough in Tanzania

You might remember that Steve Box and Jim Stokes are currently cycling 350 km across Tanzania to raise money for the Keech Hospice children’s ward. At day four into the trek, we heard from a very weary sounding Jim.  Apparently the guys are finding it a huge challenge, mainly because they are cycling on tough, […]


Cycling through West Africa to raise money for Keech Hospice

Steven Box and Jim Stokes, directors of Box & Charnock, are cycling 350km across Tanzania to raise money for the Children’s Ward at Keech Hospice. The challenge begins on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro and then the cyclists will follow a path through Tarangire and Lake Manyara national parks, which hold some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife. […]


Mud, sweat and tyres at OCR charity event!

Last Saturday, Box & Charnock Foundation held a mudtastic OCR charity event at the FIT4OCR centre at Radwell, Herts to raise money for the Keech Children’s Hospice.  And what a successful day it was …… Participants ran, jumped, climbed and crawled over cold water trenches, rough terrain and twenty other obstacles in order to reach […]